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Download Katherina Audley's writing résumé [as a pdf] [as a .doc]


Telephone: 415-847-7295

Writing Résumé

Published author with over twenty years of demonstrated achievement seeks new opportunities.

Key Abilities
Writer, photographer, adventurer, researcher, brainstormer, troubleshooter, clear communicator, creative thinker, media savvy, able to assimilate information quickly, detail oriented, proactive, driven, dedicated, deadline responsive, nice, happy, fun.

Qualification Highlights

  • Seasoned world traveler
  • Whale expert
  • Travel and adventure stories written for a loyal base of subscribers since 1995
  • Publications in large and small press print and online anthologies
  • 10+ years of keyword targeted content writing for a broad range of audiences and clients
  • Technically savvy at search engine optimization and web development

Writing Projects and Experience

Sample publications:

Visit my most up to date writing portfolio here:

Additional relevant writing experience:
Ghostwriting, 10+ years of corporate communications content writing (see my corporate cv:, 10+ years of search engine optimization writing for a wide range of clients, 10+ years of website content development, museum exhibit content development, book publisher, photoresearcher, public relations director, published poet.

Marine Mammal Experience

  • Scuba diving with and recording humpback whales. Big Island, Hawaii. 2009.
  • Walrus behavior study. Round Island, Alaska. 2007
  • Gray whale study and identification. San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja, Mexico. 2007
  • Blue whale study and identification. Loreto, Baja, Mexico. 2007.
  • Pro bono museum consultant. Eco Center, Grupo Ecologico Antares, Loreto, Mexico. 2007.
  • Volunteer marine warden. Robson Bight Marine Preserve, British Columbia, Canada. 2005.
  • Transient orca identification and study, Peninsula Valdez, Argentina. 2004.
  • Pink river dolphin study. Amazon River Basin, Iquitos, Peru. 2004.
  • Animal rehabilitation volunteer. Inti Warra Yassi Refuge, Villa Tunari, Bolivia. 2004.
  • Regular visitor to the Farallon Islands, CA. 1999-2003.
  • Annual visitor to Año Nuevo, CA. 1999-2003.

Travel and Adventure Experience

  • Amtrak Train Travel. Every US State and Capital. 1986–1995
  • Go go dancer – Crete, Greece. 1997.
  • Timeshare sales shark. Lanzarote, Canary Islands. 1998.
  • Extensive Mexico exploration. 1999–present.
  • Overland traverse of South America (Ushuia, Argentina to Cartagena, Colombia). 2003.
  • Alaska (born in Ketchikan, walrus study, commercial fisherwoman, ice climbing) 1972-2009.
  • Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay (Winter–Spring 2010)
  • Italy, France (Searching for siren/whale connections, gourmet travel, foodie research) 2010, 2011.
  • Oregon Coast, California Coast, Washington Coast, British Columbia (Fishing, whale, camping, nature, pet friendly, tourism stories) 1995-2012.

Formal Education
BA, Ancient Religion, Highest Honors.
The University of California at Berkeley

Classical Music, Full Scholarship
Esther Boyer College of Music, Temple University

Additional Skills and Experience
Official Viking Spokesperson for ski resort in Lake Tahoe, bellydance, go go dance, salsa, forro, the cha cha, Greek dance, yoga, meditation, cook, fisherwoman (net, pole, spear gun, dynamite), ride motorcycle and dirt bike, heavy machinery operator (forklift certified, tractor, backhoe, old trucks), understand basic principles of biology and physics, electricity, computer technology, hitchhiker, know how to escape from most dangerous animals, scuba certified, basic car repair, survival camping (finding water and food, making fire, making shelter, getting help, staying warm, staying sane), sculptor (resin, concrete, plaster, clay, latex, wood, multimedia), rudimentary audio and video production skills, basic boatsmanship, gardener, well versed in all major world religions, voracious reader, classical musician (flute), know the major constellations in both hemispheres, equally comfortable in urban and rural settings, can talk my way into the backroom of most events, ability to get upgraded in most situations, fast runner, excellent swimmer, strong healthy person.

Good Spanish. Adequate Greek. Traveler’s French and Italian. Working knowledge of Latin and Ancient Greek.