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He told me I wasn't a nesting type and dumped me. After I got over the heartbreak, I realized that he was right. I didn't know how to nest well at all. And so I built a nest out of sycamore branches that had been pollarded from trees in public spaces all over San Francisco and built a nest big enough to sleep a family of six. I invited people in to nest for me while I took pictures. People came alone, with their fellow nesters, and with their pets. They brought objects that they used to nest and wore their nesting outfits. I took 72 exposures of 50 families and studied the results. And then I had an art show about it.

People loved being in my nest and they loved watching me build it. I brought my nest to the Exploratorium and lived in it for 24 hours during an art event about living environments. Cirque du Soleil borrowed my nest for their opening night party. I did an art residency at the Bay Area Discovery Museum and built a second giant nest with the kids.

These days, I love nestbuilding and have built giant nests and other structures out of sticks and would love to build a nest for you. I have built small, medium and large nests out of sycamore, grapevines, willow, eucalyptus and other materials. Visit my Etsy Shop to find out more about having a giant nest built, or contact me at k[at]

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