The Nesting Show

The nesting pictures were on display at Ego Park Art Gallery on Saturday June 16, 2003 from 6-11 PM along with the nest. It was a massive effort and the show was a blur but it turned out quite well. Project findings...

Ego Park. 492 23rd Street (cross street is Telegraph Avenue) Oakland, California. Phone: Kevin Slagle (510-823-8045) Web:

Ego Park just won a best of San Francisco award from the SF Weekly for the second year in a row!



Bay Area Discovery Museum - Hands and Minds Artists' Residencies Series

I was commissioned to build a second nest on site at the Bay Area Discovery Museum from April 23 to 27, 2003. It turned out to be twice as big and heavy. Read More, See Pictures...


Nesting Instinct

The nest inspired someone to make a short film about a woman whose obsession with birds and nesting led to an erotic fantasy. The fantasy sequence was filmed in the nest. It should be showing around local short film festivals within a year.

Cirque Du Soleil Premiere Opening Party

The nest was featured in Cirque Du Soleil's opening night party in San Francisco. Acrobats, contortionists and fancy people climbed around in it all night long. Look at those crazy circus freaks...

Cabin Fever at the Exploratorium

The nest made its public debut. I inhabited it on the museum floor for 24 hours before the event and then all of the art and science museum people came and nested in it during the event. See it for yourself...