Cabin Fever. January 9, 2002

My nest made its public debut during the 2nd Wednesdays art program at the Exploratorium. The show, Cabin Fever, invited Bay Area artists to turn the museum floor of the Exploratorium into an experimental architectrual laboratory. We all lived in our structures for 24 hours before the event.

I lined my nest with furs and bedded down in it the night before, then had a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs just before the doors opened to the public for the day.

I couldn't believe what a kid magnet my nest was! Babies climbed in and wanted to stay there with me rather than explore the bubbles, shadows, noises and lights that usually keep them entertained at the Exploratorium. Kids between the ages of 3 to 6 enjoyed role playing in my nest with their parents and friends. They also seemed to really enjoy holding my giant ostrich egg. Older kids really got into helping me to build my nest and would often work as a team with me handing me sticks, tucking them in here and there or focussing on particular spots that needed work.

The event started at 7 p.m. I bathed my nest in a 1000 watt light with a gold gel over it so that it would be well lit and would make people look like they do in candlelight. We drew the largest crowd of the season - about 600 peoplein two hours - and there was rarely a moment when my nest wasn't occupied. I was amazed by how cozy and intimate even complete strangers became when they were in my nest. It smells nice and is smooth and comfortable inside, but still, it was surprising to see peoples' behavior really changed as soon as they climbed in.

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