I am an energetic, warm-hearted and playful man from a large Irish-American family. I can be a little shy at first, but once I start to feel comfortable, then my social, mischievous side kicks in. I love to laugh and have a great sense of humor. I enjoy being with people and like to build a spirit of community wherever I am. Every summer, for example, I organize the July 4th family reunion weekend back at the Jersey Shore, where we can get north of 100 people for picnics, parties, pie-eating contests, egg tosses, talent shows and general frivolity.

Relationships are very important to me. So, I spend a fair amount of energy and time trying to be a good father, a good son, a good uncle/nephew/cousin or a good friend. When I grow old and reflect back on the people that mattered to me most, I hope to be at peace with my decisions and my choices. Sometimes that may mean taking a plane trip to the other side of the country to help celebrate a cousin’s 25th wedding anniversary party or remembering to put in that phone call before a big test or a scary doctor’s appointment or what have you. In all of this, I try to be thoughtful, considerate and loving.

Ever since Ethan has arrived, of course, he has become the dominant focus in my life. I am a hands-on, dedicated father, pouring my energy and heart into him. Whether it is in our bed-time routine, when Ethan rests with his head on my chest while he gets his 2 to 3 stories followed up by 2 to 3 songs (from nursery rhymes to the Beatles to ColdPlay), or in working together to build these intricate Lego models which have become his new favorite, I try to be present for him, using all of our interactions as an opportunity to help teach, help learn and show love.

Work also plays an important role in my life. I have built a very successful career based on hard work, a solid education and a healthy sprinkling of luck. After college, I worked in Japan for three years and then came back to U. C. Berkeley for graduate studies. I have helped launch three different companies, written a couple of books and for the past 10 years, I have been the CEO of my current company which advises clients on their global marketing strategies. My career adds excitement and financial security to our lives.

I also have many interests outside of work. I love to cycle, snowboard, do yoga, play volleyball, garden and travel. Sometimes I like adventurous trips, including white-water rafting in the Grand Canyon and hiking through the rain forests in Malaysia and Indonesia and sometimes I like relaxing trips, like the recent ones Ethan and I have taken to The Big Island of Hawaii and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I am also an avid reader, from high brow novels to low brow gossip magazines like US Weekly!