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I've been making belly casts for pregnant and non-pregnant women since 1992. I love seeing the look of delight and wonder on a woman's face when she gets to see her own body, captured in plaster of paris for the first time. I have instructed people on how to make their own bellycasts and cast them in my comfortable, private studio in North Portland. I also teach bodycasting to individuals and small groups a few times a year. In addition to plaster of paris bellycasts, I have also sculpted bellycasts out of concrete, resin, latex, clay, porcelain, and paper mache. These sculptures now live in my clients' gardens and grace the walls of their homes.

I have also made bodycasts for the exhibition, Bodyworlds. You can see the process and final results on my Flickr stream.

I would be honored to capture your torso in a plaster of paris cast.

Contact me to schedule your belly casting or body casting today! k[at] - 415-847-7295

The next bodycasting intensive weekend course will be held in mid-September. Contact me if you would like to learn how to cast hands, heads and full torsos from a variety of materials. e-mail: k[at] - (415) 847-7295

Click here to see a gallery of my bellycasts

Concrete Bodycast plaster of paris bellycasts
plaster of paris bellycasts
rusted female torso
This female torso was treated with a patina
on copper and gold paint and made using
BodyDouble and Shellshock. It is in the
Bodyworlds exhibition.
green male torso sculpture
This male torso sculpture is faux finished
using venetian plaster with gold dust
mixed in. The mold and cast were made
using Smooth On Body Double and
gold leaf male torso sculpture
This male torso sculpture has gold leaf laid
on it over a red set coat, then is finished with
an iron oxide tint and sealed with a high gloss
cracked red male torso sculpture for Bodyworlds
This male torso was done using gold paint,
then red cracking. Again, Bodydouble and
Shellshock were used to make the mold and
blue female pregnant side torso sculpture
This sculpture of the side of a pregnant
female was finished by splattering a
black and gold surface with blue paint.
pink female torso sculpture
This pink sculpture of a female torso was
used by layer many coats of fuschia, magenta
and white paint on top of each other, and again,
was made using BodyDouble by Smooth On and
Shellshock. All of these bodies are now on display
as a part of an exhibition for BodyWorlds.